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Living the dream

We know live in the equine industry can be tough. It is hard work to make enough money with horses or to start your own business from scratch. With EQ Athletica we offer a unique opportunity for females with a passion for horses and fashion!

Become part of something special

Is this you?

With EQ Athletica we are looking for equestrians that like to work with likeminded people. For the suitable candidates we offer a unique opportunity.  Do your recognize yourself in the questions below?

  • A dream to be your own boss?
  • A passion for horses and fashion?
  • Motivated and dedicated?
  • Want to exceed customer expectations?
  • Believe in connection and community?
  • Always dreamed of starting your own equestrian business?
  • Looking for a side income that perfectly compliments your horse business?

EQ Athletica partner

As an EQ Athletica Retail Partner you’re running your own business but you’re also part of our EQ Athletica family. You get all the resources and support to develop long lasting relationships and build on local horse-riding communities. We design and distribute comfortable and stylish products offered together with all the resources that you need to grow a very special business.

How does it work?

All of our partners get supported in the most extensive way. You start your own business and you are your own boss when you become a partner. We carefully select our partners and each partner has their own region through which there is no competition between the partners.

On top of that, we give you a good start: you get your own website and you become part of our community. We support you with organizing special events (in home or in barn) and give you everything you need to visit local fairs and shows.

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What do we offer?

Partnership for local strength

We believe that our products can be best sold locally. We believe that touching and experiencing our products will help to sell them and that the connection with our customers is very important. Therefore we have set up this unique concept that allows our partners to operate independently while being supported by us every step of the way.


Your very own modern, professional and updated EQ Athletica website with a working webshop


Professionally produced marketing materials to promote our brand on a variety of channels


Training and education to grow your skills of a business owner, marketeers, salesperson,…


A team of designers that want your input for our new collection. Your ideas are heard and put into practice so that you can shape our brand with us. 


An amazing team of likeminded people that help and support each other. Constant communication between our partners and with our partners is very important for us. 

Are you interested to change your life?

Will you take this once in a lifetime business opportunity? Or would you like to have a chat and get to know each other? I cannot wait to meet you!


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Personal touch

Your smile matters to us


Feels nice on and off the horse


We love what we do


Being close is important