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Our story

or how EQ Athletica was born

The idea

comfortable riding breeches

EQ Athletica arose from the need for functional and technical equestrian clothing that was accessible.

Manon is looking for the perfect breeches that are so comfortable that you will never want to take them off. A pair that was so classy and timeless that you could always combine it with other items and that it would never go out of style.

When she didn't successfully find what she wanted, Manon decided it was time to create them herself.

EQ Athletica

comfortable riding breeches

The EQ Athletica brand was founded in 2017 by Manon. Manon was living in Alberta, Canada at the time. In addition to the riding breeches, a whole collection has been created.

Each item of the collection is personally tried and tested by Manon himself and by a team of riders.

In this way, EQ Athletica can offer you the best quality products that we know you will love.

Community business model

why online wasn't enough

Online sales are important because they give riders worldwide access to our great products.

However, we believe that you should experience our products, feel them on your skin and move in them.

Moreover, we missed the personal attention of buying offline. We like to focus on the social aspect and are part of the local communities. We can also often be found at competitions and events so that you get the opportunity to feel, smell and see the products 😉


Nadi Dunning

In 2022, EQ Athletica was acquired by Nadi, who has been fully behind the products since the beginning. Nadi has 2 horses of her own and this also makes her very passionate. She also absolutely does not like sitting still and this makes the perfect combination with EQ Athletica. If you have any questions or comments, it is likely that you will talk to her! 

Personal touch

Your smile is important to us


Feels nice on and next to the horse


We love what we do


Being close is important