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Breeches or riding leggings?

Nowadays the choice is huge, at EQ Athletica we also try to have many items in our range for everyone.

What makes riding leggings so popular? Not only are these available in various colors and different types of silicone (full grip, knee grip, without silicone), but the riding leggings are also exactly the same design as the riding breeches, they contain 2 large telephone pockets, have belt loops, are high waist and have an innovative 4-way stretch. dust.

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EQ Athletica

EQ Athletica was founded in Canada 2017, where at that time there was a great need for good equestrian clothing for a normal price. Our products are made for riders and amazons, by riders and amazons. The timeless colors of our clothing allow endless combinations.

In a few years we hope to have suitable riding breeches in our range for everyone, whether you want small, large, long legs, short legs or beautiful pink pants, soon you can come to us for all your clothing!



Hi, I'm Nadi!

EQ Athletica was founded on the idea that equestrian fashion should be affordable and at the same time comfortable and timeless!

I became stressed by the changing collections and the never-ending need to buy new clothes to match the items I already had. In my opinion, there was a need for a collection that contains all the basic items you need. That can be mixed and matched and that does not go out of fashion.

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